AK-10047 Weathering Pencils: Deluxe Edition Box (Full Set)

AK-10047 Weathering Pencils: Deluxe Edition Box (Full Set)

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*For the time being, this is a special order item and will take 10-14 business days to ship.  If it shows Out of Stock, still order, as I will then special order it from my wholesaler*

Luxury edition box containing 37 watercolor pencils for easy transport. A high quality box to keep your special pencils safe and ready for the most extreme weathering, get it now!!!


  • AK10001 Black
  • AK10002 Rubber
  • AK10003 Smoke
  • AK10004 White
  • AK10005 Dirty White
  • AK10006 Olive Green
  • AK10007 Light Green
  • AK10008 Dark Green
  • AK10009 Sand
  • AK10010 Sepia
  • AK10011 Light Rust
  • AK10012 Medium Rust
  • AK10013 Dark Rust
  • AK10014 Strong Ocher
  • AK10015 Vivid Orange
  • AK10016 Light Chipping for Wood
  • AK10017 Dark Chipping for Wood
  • AK10018 Gun Metal (Graphite)
  • AK10019 Chipping Color
  • AK10020 Red Primer
  • AK10021 Green Blue
  • AK10022 Dark Blue
  • AK10023 Light Blue
  • AK10024 Dark Grey
  • AK10025 Neutral Grey
  • AK10026 Dust / Rainmarks
  • AK10027 Concrete Marks
  • AK10028 Earth Brown
  • AK10029 Buff
  • AK10030 Streaking Dirt
  • AK10031 Red
  • AK10032 Yellow
  • AK10033 Aluminum
  • AK10034 Gold
  • AK10035 Dark Aluminum
  • AK10036 Bronze
  • AK10037 Copper

*We recommend to apply them over a matte surface to obtain the best result.